An Eternity Bound Past

An Accidental Time Traveler Part I
Emergency Log - #24

I was told to seek out a man named Theo Richardson. All I have to go by is a name. I certainly hope I can make a good impression. A journey is exactly what I need, to leave behind all of it. I hope that this Theo person can look past my abilities… Just my two best friends and my brother, if not. As long as I have them that’ll be all that I need.

A hole stands before, I’m assured that this will take me right to Mr. Richardson. Without hesitations I step through with Allons-y, a friend of the professors. I wonder what we’ll be doing first.

Stepping through I am met with several glances. I wonder if the professor even bothered to let them know I was coming. I guess I’ll find out in just a moment. As nervous as I am, I suppose it’s time to find out.

“We should be wherever Theo is.”

I find myself met by several curious eyes.

“Theo, friend of yours?”

Comes from a girl with dark blue hair. She looks like a rock star, and mildly annoyed. Aikino Yumi, she says she wants to become a big musician and coordinator in the future. I’ve never heard of her, so either she never accomplished her dream or I just haven’t listened to enough music.

ITSOCUTE!! Do you wanna trade? I’d love to trade!”

Comes from a small bouncy blonde haired little girl. She seems a tad excitable and spastic. She really wants Allons-y, but she’s not mine to trade, or even consider trading. She never mentions her name, but it’s Lilea from what I can gather. She calls herself a care-taker. Carry-taker? She must really want. Sheesh she isn’t taking her eyes off of her.. Come to think of it, why is Lilea here?

“Well, we’re looking for a 40ish year old man.”

“Hunh. You’re sure you have the right Theo?”

“Oh…crap. I think I threw us into the past!”

The past! I didn’t want to go to the pa

Prologue - A Mystic With A Broken Heart
Work in Progress; Felix before he joined the party

I need to do a slight bit of re-write / fact checking.

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